Is Arcam's New Q10 Printer Increasing Sales Growth?

Swedish 3-D printing company Arcam has certainly wowed Wall Street, with shares increasing 571% year to date. The reasons for the jump, however, are largely mysterious. Because it trades on the Swedish exchange and is listed here on the Nasdaq OTC market, there's little information circulating about the company. To shed light on the company's remarkable rise, we look no further than Arcam's recently released third-quarter financial results. 

The company's revenues are up 73% year to date compared with last year, on the back of the launch of the new Arcam Q10 printer.

Q10. Photo: Arcam.

This new printer features Arcam's proprietary electron beam melting technology, but the main selling point is the printer's LayerQam quality monitoring system. That, along with an ISO 9001:2008 quality certification that guarantees Arcam's products meet strict quality standards, has led to a larger backlog and a 42% increase in printer orders this year.

In the following video, Fool analyst Blake Bos digs into the company's earnings and gives investors his takeaway on whether Arcam is an expensive stock at today's price level.

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Editor's Note: This article previously stated Arcam was traded on the Swiss exchange. This has been corrected to the Swedish exchange. The Motley Fool apologizes for and regrets this error.

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