How Big a Threat Could Amazon TV Be to Apple?

Smart TVs are widely expected to be one of the next major battlegrounds for big tech names such as Apple and , as they attempt to extend their smartphone and tablet expertise into another key area of the consumer tech experience.

Apple, of course, has a product that could help bridge the gap for its eventual presence in televisions with its Apple TV set-top box. However, persistent rumors have also swirled around e-commerce giant Investors and analysts recently saw yet another round of rumors surface indicating is close to introducing a set-top device the challenge Apple's Apple TV product. has disrupted countless industries thus far to date, so Apple would do well to take their possible entry to this potential growth market seriously. So just how great a threat would's entry in this space be to the likes of Apple? Should Apple investors be worried?

In this video, tech and telecom analyst Andrew Tonner looks at the recent news and gives his thoughts on what it means for both Apple and

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