New Definity Digital™ LED Light Bulbs from Lighting Science® Go Beyond Illumination to Enhance Healt

New Definity Digital™ LED Light Bulbs from Lighting Science®Go Beyond Illumination to Enhance Health and Wellness

World's First Biologically-Corrected LED Light Bulbs Improve Sleep, Support Natural Melatonin Production & Boost Alertness

SATELLITE BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Lighting Science® (OTCQB: LSCG), a global leader in innovative energy-efficient lighting, today launched Definity Digital™, the world's first line of biologically-corrected lighting with products specifically designed to improve sleep, support natural melatonin production, boost alertness, accelerate plant growth, and protect wildlife. Based on patented LED digital technology developed by Lighting Science for the International Space Station and the U.S. South Pole Station, the revolutionary line of bulbs is both a scientific and technological breakthrough. The light bulbs fit into conventional sockets and provide the same bright white light that consumers expect, but with added health benefits.

Definity Digital™ from Lighting Science® is the world's first line of biologically-corrected LED lig ...

Definity Digital™ from Lighting Science® is the world's first line of biologically-corrected LED lighting created to enhance health and wellness. (Photo: Business Wire)

"Definity Digital is not a replacement light, it's an entirely new way to use lighting," said Fred Maxik, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Lighting Science. "Definity Digital products far surpass the benefits of efficient, environmentally-friendly illumination that consumers and customers expect from LED lighting. Our lights can radically improve your lifestyle by providing biological, emotional and environmental support to you to maximize your productivity and allow your body to more naturally function."

The Definity Digital line, which is now available at, includes Good Night™, Awake & Alert™, MyNature Grow™, and MyNature Coastal™. Each has unique properties, including:

  • Definity Digital Good Night uses patented, spectrum-filtering to greatly reduce melatonin-suppressing blue light, supporting your body's ability to go to sleep easily and naturally.
  • Definity Digital Awake & Alert emits a blue-enriched light to increase energy, promote alertness and enhance performance.
  • Definity Digital MyNature Grow in traditional "purple" or "true white" promotes healthy plant growth from seedling to flowering and fruiting.
  • Definity Digital MyNature Coastal offers beachfront lighting for resorts and homeowners that is less disruptive to wildlife, including turtle hatchlings descending from their nest into the ocean.

The technology used in Definity Digital's Good Night and Awake & Alert lights was initially developed to help astronauts manage their circadian rhythms to maximize their efforts and avoid sleep deprivation while in space. The MyNature Grow light continues to help researchers at the U.S. South Pole Station with their self-sustaining food growing efforts in the harshest and darkest conditions. These technological breakthroughs motivated the team of experts at Lighting Science, including many former NASA scientists, to apply the power of light to make everyday life easier, healthier and more efficient for consumers.

"After seeing the dramatic effect that light had on astronauts, solving the same sleep issues that plague 50 to 70 million Americans was a priority for us," explains Rob Soler, Director of Research at Lighting Science. "We knew that traditional bulbs and other LED bulbs emit blue light that suppresses melatonin, so when you're ready to go to bed, your body is not. The Good Night bulb is a sleep solution that works naturally to support your body's natural process and has no side effects like drowsiness or dependency that some supplements or prescription medicines have."

Building on Lighting Science's award-winning residential, commercial and municipal lighting success, the Definity Digital brand is revolutionizing the LED category by going well beyond basic illumination. The entire Definity Digital line of products can be purchased at

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