VW Wants to Win With Electric Cars

The Audi Sport Quattro Concept -- a high-performance plug-in hybrid -- was one of several hybrids and electrics shown by VW Group at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show. Photo credit: Audi.

Volkswagen unveiled an ambitious new goal this week: VW wants to become the world's leader in "electric mobility," its catch-all term for hybrids and electric cars.

In recent years, VW's leadership has made a habit of announcing outrageous-sounding goals -- and then making them happen. But this is a daunting challenge: Toyota is undisputably the world's hybrid-car leader, Nissan has sold more electric cars than anybody, and Ford has seen its hybrid sales grow rapidly of late.

Does VW really think it can pass all of these giants -- along with Tesla Motors , which is on its way to what it hopes will be 500,000 electric-car sales every year in a few years? In this video, Fool contributor John Rosevear looks at VW's ambitious plan -- and at what it will need to do to make this wild-sounding goal a reality.

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