Apple's Elusive China Mobile Deal Could Be Closer Than You Think

Investors held out hope that Apple might have one of its famous "one more thing" moments up it's sleeve at his week's iPhone keynote event.

It didn't, and, you know what happened to the stock afterward.

One of the items investors hoped Apple might surprise them with was the announcement of a deal with China Mobile , the world's largest telecom provider. Apple and China Mobile have historically had icy relations. However, between repeated meetings of the two companies' respective heads this year and the immense potential such a deal holds for these growth-starved companies, there was a sense of hopeful optimism that the two could finally come to terms.

And while it's sorely disappointing that they've failed to reach an agreement so far this year, not all hope is lost. In fact, a deal could be closer than many realize. In this video, tech and telecom analyst Andrew Tonner discusses a recent move that could mean an Apple-China Mobile deal is still just around the corner.

There's no question a deal with China Mobile could send Apple's stock to soaring. However it isn't the only growth driver out there for Apple, not by a long shot. In The Motley Fool's special free report "5 Secrets to Apple's Future," we outline the key factors every Apple investor needs to watch. Just click here now for your free report.

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