Why It's the Perfect Time for Twitter to Go Public

Twitter has officially filed an S-1 with the SEC, signaling its intentions to go public in the foreseeable future. There was plenty of talk in 2011 that social media was forming a bubble, particularly after the failed IPOs of Groupon and Zynga. It's also now been over a year since Facebook's  controversial IPO, but the storyline has dramatically changed since then.

The dominant social network has proved that mobile advertising in social media can be quite a powerful business, and Facebook has recently overcome the overhang of its IPO. That makes it the perfect time for Twitter to follow suit with an IPO of its own.

In the following video, Chris Hill discusses Twitter's IPO with Evan Niu, CFA, and Jamal Carnette.

Twitter isn't among the five biggest names in tech that are currently battling for dominance, but it could be eventually. To see how Twitter stacks up against the heavyweights, be sure to grab a copy of this report that surveys the current battleground. It's free!

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