Apple Should Say iCahn to This Recent Buyback Proposal

If you're getting tired of all the Apple news, it's going to be a long next few weeks. We're reaching the time of year where tech powerhouses, most notably Apple, take center stage to unveil their latest and greatest products ahead of the all-important fourth-quarter sales spike.

However, that isn't the only storyline that's finally helped the iEverything maker's share price break $500 for the first time since January... not by a long shot. In another critical development, billionaire Carl Icahn recently disclosed a stake in the tech giant. And in typical Icahn fashion, he arrived with a plan for how to juice Apple's share price. In this video, Andrew Tonner discusses the finer points of the plan, and why investors should throw their weight behind it before it's too late.

Apple's stock will need some kind of catalyst -- like a buyback -- to keep soaring. In fact, several critical things need to fall into place for the iEverything maker to continue its upward march. In The Motley Fool's special free report, "5 Secrets to Apple's Future," we outline the key factors every Apple investor needs to watch. Just click here now for your free report.

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