Obamacare and the Patent Cliff Reshaping an Industry

This episode of The Motley Fool's Market Checkup is dedicated to the massive increase in biotech IPOs, what's driving the recent spate of major mergers and acquisitions, whether the outperformance of the biotech sector is sustainable, and why potential biotech investors need to think big.

The amount of M&A activity has jumped in the health-care space. Last year, pharma saw a 9% increase in merger and acquisition spending to $27 billion as the two biggest drivers of health-care upheaval, the patent cliff, and the Affordable Care Act make their weight felt.

In this video, health-care analyst David Williamson discusses in detail the impact the patent cliff has on pharma buyouts and Obamacare has on hospital mergers, along with how increased investor interest in health-care stocks could force this M&A trend to come to an end.

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