Natural Gas Producers Are Regaining Their Balance

This past year or so wasn't exactly the best time for natural gas producers. Despite the huge finds and new supply of shale gas, prices for that gas were just uneconomical thanks to so many players wanting in on the action. Today, it appears that a higher level of sanity has reemerged in the natural gas world and producers are starting to make a reasonable return on their wells.

One of the biggest reasons that supply and demand in natural gas have come back into balance is because so many of the larger players have shifted focus to more liquids-rich production. That shift, plus a rigorous effort to bring down costs, has allowed pure gas players to get back in the black. To learn more about how certain players are being affected by this change, tune in to the video below where Motley Fool contributor Tyler Crowe investigates these companies and looks into how long this upswing will last.

Newly discovered oil and gas are making the U.S. a force to be reckoned with in the energy world once again. These new finds have had a profound impact on global markets, and have given OPEC some headaches. At the center of all this action is one behind-the-scenes energy giant that is poised to profit from being the cartel's worst nightmare. We have put together a special report that will teach you about this company that has OPEC ministers seeing monsters under their beds. To find out which company it is, simply click HERE to for free access.

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