Sizzling Savings on Summer Blockbusters

Did You Know: Save on Summer Blockbusters
Going to the movie theater is a great way to beat the heat, but tickets to summer blockbusters can put a dent in your budget. Here's how to save on a night out at the movies.

Movies can cost a pretty penny for a family of four. The average ticket is $8, while 3D and IMAX movies can cost $20 per person. Then there are the overpriced snacks. A drink can cost $4, while popcorn is marked up a whopping 1200 percent. With these prices, a family outing can run you over $80 for two hours of entertainment.

The solution is simple, though it may seem old-fashioned. Drive-in theaters offer a budget friendly option, and are making a great comeback. Many will show a double feature for $7 per person, which
means you're getting two movies for less than the price of one.

movie theaterAnd don't worry about what's playing. Nowadays, drive-ins are showing the same blockbusters that regular movie theaters are featuring. Check out sites like and to find one near you and reap the rewards of retro-style savings.
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