BBQ on a Budget

Did You Know: BBQ for Less In the summer, grilling is a great way to cook meals, but firing up the barbecue costs money. So, how can you cut your cooking costs? It all comes down to charcoal vs. gas.

BBQ enthusiasts may find this hard to believe, but when it comes to savings money, charcoal is a bust. First, the idea that charcoal flavors your food is a myth. Charcoal burns hotter than gas, but at peak temperatures, bricks cease to add flavor. At 2000 degrees, it's all just heat.

However, with charcoal, fuel costs are six times higher per barbecue than gas. If you consider 13 weeks of summer, grilling two times per week, gas grills cost $15.60 in propane. Meanwhile, charcoal costs a whopping $91 in fuel.

grillSo, the next time you're ready to fire up the grill, opt for gas over charcoal. You'll be able to create tasty summertime meals that won't burn through your budget.
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