The Best Things to Buy in July

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Whether you're in the hottest of hot cities (hello, Southwest!) or enjoying somewhat milder temperatures, most people across the United States are just trying to keep cool this summer.

July, one of the hottest months of the year across the board, makes for the perfect time to escape from the sun's rays. And if you choose to cool off within the confines of your favorite retail stores, here's a rundown of the best thing to buy in July.

The Best Things to Buy in July
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The Best Things to Buy in July
One of the biggest grilling days of the year is, hands down, the Fourth of July. Which is why grill sales tend to spike before the holiday and drop off sharply afterward. If you can hold out until mid-July to buy a new grill, you'll be able to take advantage of the lowest prices. Start your search for deals on grills online!
Retail stores are always thinking ahead to the next season. By June, stores start preparing for fall merchandise. That translates to slashed prices on warm-weather apparel like shorts, swimwear, tank tops, and flip-flops. In early July, you should find that selections are still plentiful and the prices are dropping. They'll keep getting lower as fall approaches, but there won't be as much to choose from as the days and weeks pass by. Don't want to leave home to shop? Go online where you can find lots of steals. Check out these dresses for example.
New York (and other big cities) tend to clear out during the hot months, as tourists and locals head for the beach instead of choking down soggy smog amid towering skyscrapers. As a result, the tourism industry quietly settles into a slow lull. You can see it on Broadway and other theater settings, where seats go empty. No company likes to put on a show for an empty house, so discount tickets -- as much as half off the standard rate -- are easy to come by.
July is National Ice Cream Month, which means you'll find an abundance of coupons both online and in the paper. Combine your coupons with in-store specials and you're looking at ice cream on the cheap for the next few weeks. Check out and for printable coupons.
With Mother's Day past and Christmas and Valentine's day far in the future, poor jewelers are left twiddling their thumbs. The solution? Get you to walk through the door by offering their merchandise at temptingly low prices. Midsummer is the best time of year to catch a great sale on jewelry. Buy yourself something pretty to wear now, or stock up on gifts for the holiday season. Statement necklaces are all the rage. Check out some of the low prices online.
Keep your eyes peeled for "Christmas in July" specials throughout the month. Some sales won't yield much aside from a tired "meh," but other retail stores pull out all the stops, both in-store and online. The best way to know when sales are happening is to follow your favorite stores on social media networks; call ahead to ask about special deals and check your Sunday paper for inserts.
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