Soak Up Sizzling Beach Bargains This Summer

Savings Experiment: Beach Bargains Beach outings go hand-in-hand with summer, but concession stands and potential entrance fees can make day trips add up. Here's how to save money while you hit the sand.

Instead of paying for a locker, store your personal items in empty snack containers to keep them sand-free. If you want a more waterproof option for keys, cash and credit cards, use an old Thermos. This will also disguise valuables from thieves.

For a quick and easy beach bag, use an old scarf. Simply place your belongings in the center and tie the corners together. You'll have a cute carryall in seconds, and can use the scarf in various ways while you're soaking up the sun.

To save money on snacks, freeze chunks of fruit the night before you leave and pack them in a small cooler along with bottles of water. The fruit will keep your bottles cold, and you'll have a a few healthy treats to keep you cool throughout the day.

beachBefore you head to the shore, use these tips to save on food, refreshments and more. You'll be able to enjoy some rays, and keep your wallet full on a hot summer day.

Handy Beach Items for Under $20
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Soak Up Sizzling Beach Bargains This Summer -- Savings Experiment
The days of constantly having to keep a watchful eye on your unsteady beach umbrella will be long gone with this handy umbrella anchor. Noblo, $14.99
Now you can document your beach memories without worrying about damaging your valuable camera. Walmart, $6.19
This soft cooler allows you to equip yourself with enough cool beverages to last a long, hot day at the beach. Walmart, $9.54

Sit back, relax and listen to your favorite tunes by the water with these waterproof earbuds. Walmart, $14.88

Ensure that your children are comfortable and protected with this beach chair and umbrella made just for them. Amazon, $19.99
You will likely have no trouble transporting this conveniently packed mat to and from the beach. Amazon, $9.99
Enjoy sand-free snacks on the beach with this handy fold-up table. Kmart, $10.07
Don't worry about making a splash when you can keep your money and credit cards in one safe waterproof place. Amazon, $5.49
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