Get Away With Cheap Fall Travel Deals -- Savings Experiment

Savings Experiment: Vitamins
Savings Experiment: Vitamins

Fall is a great time to take a vacation, but travel doesn't come cheap. According to our experts, though, there are ways to save when it comes to booking flights and hotels.

The key to airfare savings is knowing when to book. Yes, believe it or not, there is an optimal day of the week to book flights. What is this magic day and time? Tuesday afternoon. The reason is that many airlines launch their sales late on Monday. Then, competing airlines respond by lowering their prices, leaving you with a great deal.

Hotel savings work a bit differently. While it's common practice to book far in advance for the best bargain, the early bird does not catch the worm in this case. According to Travelocity, the longer you wait to book, the cheaper your hotel rates will be. In fact, you can find the best rates one week before your travel dates. It seems counterintuitive, but it's true.

So, if you're considering booking a fall getaway, keep these tips in mind while you're researching destinations and preparing to book. Watching the calendar is easy to do, and could save you a bundle before any of your friends can say "bon voyage."