Save on Spring Travel With the Family -- Savings Experiment

Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan is a mother of two and she travels all over the world with her children. While most people shy away from traveling with small kids, she finds that it's a great way to save money. Here's how.

Children under two get a significant discount on airfare, sometimes up to 90 percent off the cost for an adult. On some domestic flights, they even fly free. Personally, Bhojwani-Dhawan finds traveling with small children much easier, as they can easily be transported in their carrier or stroller.

Another great thing about taking vacations with babies and toddlers is that you're not limited to the school calendar. You can save a bundle by traveling during off-peak times. Plus, the crowds are a lot easier to manage.

Bhojwani-Dhawan chooses her destinations based on where friends and family are in order to avoid hotel costs. Staying with people you know is not only economical, but it gives you more space to roam, too. Of course, staying in other people's homes offers perks like full-sized refrigerators, which makes it much easier to store baby supplies.

packing to travel with family
packing to travel with family

Recently, Bhojwani-Dhawan and her brood visited her parents in India, and soon she'll travel to Singapore to see her sister. Not only will she save on expensive lodging, but her children can also have slumber parties with their cousins. It's a win-win.

So, the next time you're hesitant about getting out of town with your children, consider using these tips. You can cut the costs of travel, and get in some quality time with the ones you love.