David Arquette says he wants to apologize to daughter Coco for divorce from Courteney Cox

David Arquette wants to apologize to his 16-year-old daughter, Coco, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Courteney Cox. In a new Q&A interview withThe Guardian, the 49-year-old actor is asked the person he'd most like to say he's sorry to.

"My daughter, Coco, because divorce is so difficult," he said of the teenager.

He also added of himself in the interview, "I beat myself up; I’m self-critical."

Despite describing his 2012-2013 divorce from Cox as "so difficult," the exes have a strong relationship today.

"We’re co-parents to our daughter who’s 16, so we have a really great relationship," Arquette told Yahoo! Entertainment last year. "We’re friends, and we’ve communicated a lot because of Coco."

He also added at the time that the exes didn't get ugly during their divorce proceedings.

“We’ve been really open and supportive of each other. We never went head-to-head [or] battled each other through the process of divorce and through the process of raising our kid, so it’s made for a friendship and relationship that is out of respect," he explained.

In addition to co-parenting, Arquette and Cox are also preparing to return to the big screen together in Scream 5.

“We always love working together,” Arquette previously told ET about teaming up on Scream 5. “She's an incredible actress, so it'll be fun to bring these characters back to life and see where they're at."