Arnold Schwarzenegger accidentally calls son-in-law Chris Pratt 'Chris Evans'

Looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger might have a favorite in the Chris wars! During a recent Instagram telethon on his son-in-law, Chris Pratt's, page, the 73-year-old Terminator star accidentally called the actor by the wrong name.

Schwarzenegger didn't just misidentify Pratt, he called the Guardians of the Galaxy star by one of his famous co-star's names.

"Hello, Chris Evans, oh not Chris Evans, sorry, I'm going to screw up this thing right from the beginning, Chris Pratt," he said as Pratt looked jokingly taken aback. "I didn't look at the cue cards. Sorry about that. I should know your name, I should know your name. That's for sure. You're my favorite son-in-law."

"I'm your only son-in-law! I better be your favorite," Pratt, who married Schwarzenegger's daughter, Katherine, in June 2019, told him.

It seems the gaff was a joke on the action star's part as he later gushed about Pratt.

"I think the world of you, not just because you're my son-in-law, but also you're so giving and you think not only about yourself and your career, but also about other people," he shared.

Schwarzenegger was one of many celebrities to participate in Pratt's charity telethon, which raised $615,000 for the charity Greater Good, which helps to feed the hungry.

This isn't the first time Schwarzenegger has opened up about his A-list son-in-law. Last month, he talked about the Jurassic World star during a virtual reunion with the cast of his film, Kindergarten Cop.

"Now [Katherine's] married an actor, and Chris is a fantastic guy and really easy to get along with," he shared. "So I'm really happy because he has been such a really wonderful, wonderful husband to her and such a great son-in-law."