Trey Songz hosts 500-person club night after recovering from COVID-19

Trey Songz is making headlines for hosting a massive club night amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer, who tested positive for COVID-19 back in October, performed at Aftermath in Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend, with approximately 500 guests in attendance. The event clearly violated health safety orders, resulting in the venue now being forced to temporarily shut down.

Staff Lieutenant Craig S. Cvetan told ET that the city of Columbus quickly took action to shut the establishment down. Additionally, a press release states that when Ohio Investigative Unit agents arrived around 9:30 p.m., they observed "egregious violations of health orders."

"The dance floor and stage area, as well as the bar and table sections were crowded with patrons. Patrons were congregated throughout the premises with no attempts to maintain social distancing and no physical barriers in place," the statement continues. "Agents observed patrons standing, walking freely and sharing alcoholic beverages directly from the same bottle as they were passed between groups. No social distancing or physical barriers were in place. Most of the crowd and the employees were not wearing facial coverings."

ET has reached out to Songz's rep for comment. The case involving Aftermath will go before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission for potential penalties, including fines and/or the suspension or revocation of liquor permits.

As ET previously reported, Songz announced in a post shared to Instagram on Oct. 5 that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. He also revealed at the time that his grandfather died earlier in the year and believes COVID-19 was the cause of his death.

"I've taken many tests as I've been out protesting, food drives, of course I have a very young son at home, so I get tested periodically and this time unfortunately it came back positive," he shared, noting that 1/1,000 Black people have died from the virus. "I will be taking it seriously. I will be self-quarantining, I will be in my house until I see a negative sign."

Songz continued on, telling his followers, "If you come in contact with Covid, please do the same."

"Please do the same," he pleaded. "Don't be like the president [Donald Trump]. Much love and peace, y'all."