Ron Jeremy sued for alleged sexual battery

Porn actor Ron Jeremy, who is facing 35 criminal sex counts, was sued on Thursday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at a Los Angeles hotel in May.

Charity Carson filed the complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court. She alleges that Jeremy pinned her against a bathroom wall, grabbed her breasts and tried to force her to touch his penis against her will.

“Plaintiff was frantically screaming and struggling to get away from plaintiff throughout the encounter,” the lawsuit states. “Eventually, Plaintiff was able to break loose and flee the room.”

Carson states that she and Jeremy had been friends for 25 years, and that he had never previously made any sexual advances toward her. Carson reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department on June 4. She also spoke about the incident to the New York Post.

“He’s a sexual predator and he needs to be stopped,” she said at the time. “He sees women as toys.”

Jeremy, 67, was arrested on June 23 on charges of rape and sexual assault following a two-year investigation, and was held on $6.6 million bail. Prosecutors added additional counts in August and October. The cases involve 23 alleged victims and date from 1996 through January 2020.

The actor faces a potential maximum sentence of 330 years in prison if convicted on all charges. Among the charges are 11 counts of forcible rape, eight counts of sexual battery by restraint, and five counts of forcible penetration by a foreign object.

Jeremy has also been sued for sexual assault in Seattle, Tacoma, Wash., and New Brunswick, N.J.

He has pleaded not guilty in the criminal case, and is next due to appear in court on Dec. 14.