Donnie Wahlberg leaves $2,020 tip on a $35 bill, shocks his regular waitress

Donnie Wahlberg is going viral for an amazing act of generosity!

The actor and singer continued his "2020 tip challenge" this week, leaving a $2,020 top on a $35 lunch tab at the Marshland Restaurants and Bakery in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

"A very special thank you to our friend [Donnie Wahlberg]! When asked about it all he said was, ‘Who’s up next,'" the restaurant wrote on social media, sharing a photo of Wahlberg's receipt, on which he wrote "#2020tipchallenge."

Marshland restaurant owner Marty Finch shared with People that Wahlberg shared his generosity with his favorite waitress, Denise Andrews.

"Donnie has been here before in the past and he always asks for [Denise]," Finch said. "When he left he just said, ‘Denise, you’re all set. The payment is on the table'... She always says he’s a very good tipper anyway but her jaw dropped, to say the least, when she saw that amount of tip."

Wahlberg has been participating in the "#2020tipchallenge" since January, when he left another $2,020 gratuity on a $76 bill at an IHOP in St. Charles, Illinois, encouraging others to follow his lead.

Wife Jenny McCarthy proudly shared a photograph of that bill on Twitter, saying her husband was “starting 2020 off like the amazing man he is.”