Laura Ingraham scolds Lindsey Graham on live TV over his constant money pleas

Fox News host Laura Ingraham has just about reached her limit with Sen. Lindsey Graham’s pleas for cash while speaking on the network.

Graham has repeatedly used his time on the air to ask viewers to donate to his campaign, then directed them to his website. He’s done it so often that Ingraham cut him off mid-pitch during a pre-election appearance earlier this month. And while the election may be over, he’s still at it.

While discussing the upcoming double runoff Senate elections in Georgia, Ingraham said viewers could donate to the Senate Leadership Fund to support the Republican candidates. Graham, however, suggested they give money to him instead ― and plugged his website yet again.

But Ingraham wasn’t having it this time:

“OK, you want to be the clearinghouse,” she said. “All right, enough with the This is like a used-car salesman after a while.”

See more of the clip, posted by The Daily Beast:

In October, CNN posted a supercut of the many times Graham had asked for money on Fox News:

The pleas worked: Graham raised the most money of any Republican Senate candidate. The more than $100 million in campaign funds he received helped him to defeat Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, who also took in record sums.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.