Late night hosts celebrate Joe Biden's win with T-shirt cannons, jokes, and champagne

Though most of America found out the news that Joe Biden has been elected the 46th president of the United States over the weekend, the late night hosts didn't get a chance to publicly celebrate until their Monday night shows.

Stephen Colbert kicked things off on The Late Show by popping champagne and handing a glass to his wife, Evie.

"There you go, darling! You've been a rock these last couple of weeks," Colbert told her, before announcing, "Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden did it! I want to share this moment with you, my audience. I wish we could all be together in the theater instead of being stuck in this converted storage room, but that's not going to stop me from firing the T-shirt cannon."

He then pulled out the cannon and jokingly shot it at his staff members.

"Finally, after four years, Americans can exhale, unless you're near other people then please don't because of the pandemic," Colbert quipped.

He also showed footage of people celebrating Biden's win in the streets, saying, "That is the biggest presidential rally of all time. Never a good sign when a majority of Americans react to you losing your job the way they did to us getting Bin Laden. It feels like America is -- what's the word? -- great again."

Colbert got candid about the moment he learned President Donald Trump would no longer be in the White House.

"I sat down and just started crying with relief, and Evie said, 'You never have to talk about him again.' And then I cried with joy," Colbert said. "I'm also looking forward to, possibly, people being nicer, including me."

On Jimmy Kimmel Live the host also shared videos of the mass celebrations, joking, "It took almost the whole four years but Donald Trump finally got a massive crowd to cheer him outside the White House."

Kimmel was ruthless about President Trump, saying, "Please don't hang his portrait in the White House, just smash a mango on the wall instead and put his name under it."

On The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon joked that the announcement of Biden's win was "like the greatest unboxing video of all time."

"I'll always remember where I was when I heard the news, I was sitting in front of the TV like I had been 24 hours a day before the last five days," he quipped. "That's right our election anxiety is finally over which means our pandemic anxiety is like, 'I'm back, baby! Hey!' You can tell things are already getting back to normal. This morning on my way to work I saw two New Yorkers giving each other the finger and it had nothing to do with politics, isn't that great?"

The NBC star also got in a dig at his rival network, ABC, joking, "Look, I'm not superstitious, but all this good stuff started happening when ABC switched Bachelorettes. I'm just saying."

On Late Night, host Seth Meyers was all jokes from the start, noting there was nothing on his cue cards that evening.

"I guess we were over-reliant on him," he teased of Trump.

Meyers also reflected on his first-ever episode of the show, which included guests Amy Poehler and the then-Vice President Biden.

"It was very important to me that Amy Poehler was our first guest because I did not believe then and do not believe now that I would ever have this job if it wasn't for her," he explained. "So we had to ask the then-Vice President of the United States if he would be the second guest on a show that started at and continues to start at 12:35 in the morning. He said with no hesitation, 'It would be an honor to follow the great Amy Poehler.' He said that for two reasons, one, he is at his core a decent human being, and two, he knew that if we asked Amy to go second it would be a whole thing."

He also shared the train conductor's hat and whistle that Biden gifted him from the visit, which he blows on FaceTime to his kids every night as he's taping the show while they're heading to bed.

During Meyers' "Closer Look" segment, he didn't hold back, laying into President Trump.

"I have to say even I'm surprised at just how relieved I am that we don't have to suffer through another four years of Donald Trump -- the single most annoying human being not he face of the earth," Meyers said.

Over on The Late Late Show, British host James Corden and his staff danced to "Happy Days" before Henry Winkler, who famously played Fonzie on the hit series, video chatted in to warn them that the hard times weren't over with the Georgia Senate race still undecided and the pandemic still raging.

Corden later joked, "The celebrations continued here in Los Angeles, even Mother Nature got in on the fun. After the announcement there was actually a double rainbow over L.A. The Trump campaign is already trying to overturn at least one of those rainbows in court."

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