Meghan McCain predicts 'hysteria from the Trump family' if the president loses the upcoming election


Meghan McCain isn’t hesitating to reveal what she thinks may happen as a result of Tuesday’s presidential election.

The View co-host, who recently welcomed her first child, took to Twitter on Sunday to share some memories about her late father Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential run, as well as her predictions for what may happen if President Donald Trump doesn’t win reelection.

'The View' co-host Meghan McCain tweeted that she expects 'hysteria from the Trump family' if the president doesn't win Tuesday's election. (Photo: Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)
"The View" co-host Meghan McCain tweeted that she expects "hysteria from the Trump family" if the president doesn't win Tuesday's election. (Photo: Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)

“When my dad lost in ‘08 [to Barack Obama], he huddled my brothers and sisters in a corner and said buck up, we’re the luckiest people in the entire world and we’re not going to feel sorry for ourselves, we made history,” McCain tweeted about her father, who died in 2018. “He then thanked the Secret Service and told them to go home to their family.”

McCain doesn’t expect Trump to handle a potential loss quite so graciously, however.

“I predict the extreme polar opposite, insane level of meltdown, blame shifting and absolute bedlam anger and hysteria from the Trump family if they lose....” she said in a follow-up tweet.

Amid concern that solid election results could take days to process, there has been intense speculation that Trump may be unwilling to accept a defeat by former Vice President Joe Biden. A new report from Axios claims that the president has told multiple people he'll declare his own victory on Tuesday night if it looks like he's "ahead." When asked for comment, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said, "This is nothing but people trying to create doubt about a Trump victory. When he wins, he's going to say so."

McCain’s criticism of the Trump family isn’t unexpected. A vocal critic of the president thanks to his comments about her late father, she took on former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders back in September in the wake of an article in The Atlantic that alleged Trump called fallen veterans “losers” and “suckers.”

“This never stops being incredibly painful, triggering, and it rips off new layers of grief that wreak havoc on my life,” McCain tweeted at the time. “I wouldn't wish any of it on my worst enemy. I truly pray for peace for my family, our grief and for this country.”

When Sanders appeared on The View, McCain was quick to make her opinions clear.

“The problem with this story is it seems like something that he would do,” McCain told Sanders. “I know for me and my brothers who serve, we do not feel respected. We are a military family that does not feel respected or appreciated by this president.”

A longtime friend of the Biden family, McCain has expressed support for the Biden campaign for quite some time, despite being a Republican. Her mother Cindy McCain has officially endorsed Biden ahead of Tuesday’s election, previously telling CNN's Brianna Keilar that she thinks her husband would be "very disappointed, in fact, I know he would be," in the current political climate.

"He would be saddened by the digression that these conversations and these debates have taken, and also saddened that we're so disoriented within the world right now," Cindy McCain said. "As you know, he concentrated on helping the little guy and helping the people that were desperate and being wronged by either their government or other people."

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