From Glenn Close's take on Trump to Tomi Lahren's protester, these celebrities got political on Halloween

Actress Glenn Close was just one of Hollywood's biggest names that went political this Halloween, dressing as President Trump surrounded by fast food. (Photo: Glenn Close/Instagram)
Actress Glenn Close was just one of Hollywood's biggest names that went political this Halloween, dressing as President Trump surrounded by fast food. (Photo: Glenn Close/Instagram)

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Halloween 2020 was anything but traditional. Still, that didn’t stop Hollywood’s finest from showing some holiday spirit by posting photos of their elaborate costumes. And while Tiger King proved to be the year’s go-to theme, the fact that Election Day is just around the corner had famous figures on both sides of the aisle turning to politics and hot-button issues for inspiration.

Glenn Close committed to her theme 100 percent, dressing as a disheveled version of President Donald Trump. Sporting an oversized black wool coat, messy blond wig and gratuitous self-tanner on her face, Close leaned on the president’s love of fast food. She sat in the corner clenching a bottle of Coca-Cola in one hand, with empty fast food bags and wrappers from McDonald’s on her lap. In the background of the photo series, which was posted to Instagram, she posted a Biden/Harris sign, as well as another that read “3 days left — vote early.” Several stars expressed their amazement with the costume in the comments, with Viola Davis posting a series of laughing emojis and Rumer Willis declaring, “You are an icon.”

On the other side of the political spectrum, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren and two friends dressed up as what she dubbed “peaceful” protesters in a ding at this summer’s marches calling for racial justice.

“A Mostly Peaceful Halloween,” the Fox Nation host captioned the photo, which showed each member of the crew toting weapons like a rock, sledgehammer and baseball bat as they stared down the camera. (The costume follows Lahren’s 2019 get-up, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which she cracked was “the thing that scares me most.”

Lizzo brought us back to the vice presidential debate, posting a series of photos of herself dressed as the fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head as he battled Democratic vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris. Sporting a pair of wings, bug eyes and a skimpy corset emblazoned with “vote” stickers, the music star even photoshopped herself onto an image of the VP’s head. In a follow-up post, Lizzo created a video of herself “flying” onto Pence’s head, followed by a few twerking moves.

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Regular Fox News fixture and former Real World and The View star Rachel Campos-Duffy, who is married to former Wisconsin Congressman and fellow Real World alumnus Sean Duffy, tweeted a video of her daughter Paloma following Lahren’s lead by dressing as Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Wearing a suit, bright red lipstick and an oversized button that read “I love socialism,” the girl tells the camera, “Hi! I’m AOC. This is my bag. S for socialism! Socialism stands for social media, and I’m really good at social media.” Clearly, Campos-Duffy was proud, writing, “Paloma nailed it! And yes, socialism IS scary & so un-American. Happy Halloween.”

Chelsea Handler didn’t sport a full costume, but she did hold up a sign comparing President Trump to a pumpkin. “Trumpkin: Orange on the outside, hollow on the inside, and should be thrown out in November!” it read.

Amber Tamblyn embraced the spooky season with a political twist. Curled up in a chair sporting a fuzzy yellow coat and a cocktail in hand, the actress and activist sported macabre face paint complete with a cobweb and spider over her eyes.

A longtime critic of President Trump, Tamblyn captioned her shot :“For Halloween I am dressed as Goodbye to your President.”

Lady Gaga, meanwhile, showed off three different “voting looks” encouraging people to get out to the polls. “I hope this Halloween I’m influencing you ... to GET TO THE POLLS!!” she captioned the video, which was set to her and Korean girl group Blackpink’s song “Sour Candy.”

And actress Ariel Winter used throwback photos of her past racy Halloween costumes to draw fans’ attention to a special message: vote. The former Modern Family star shared that she spent the day dropping off her ballot, and urged followers to “do your part.”

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