Sadie Robertson reveals she's recovering from COVID-19 amid pregnancy

Sadie Robertson, who is expecting her first child with husband Christian Huff, is battling the coronavirus amid pregnancy.

The Duck Dynasty star revealed the news via Instagram on Monday, sharing a lengthy post about what it was like being in the hospital for COVID-19. Sadie also revealed that her mother, Korie, and sister, Bella, were diagnosed with the coronavirus.

"Life update: I'm not going to lie, this has been one of the most challenging things. I got COVID-19 and ended up getting very sick," Sadie, 23, wrote. "I know everyone experiences covid differently, but wow these symptoms are wild. I've definitely struggled through this one! Thankfully baby Huff is doing great and healthy, and I am now healing as well."

"I'm no longer in the hospital (this pic was not from today) and I have just about fully recovered. I've learned a lot and I have been challenged in a lot of new ways," she continued. "I will say my dependency on Jesus has never felt greater in some of the hardest moment of this sickness. I'm thankful I serve a savior who is with me in these moments that feel rather lonely."

Sadie concluded her post by sharing that her heart goes out to everyone who's also suffering from COVID-19. "Going to be chatting with my mom and Bella who also had covid on this Wednesday’s podcast❤️," she added.

Sadie and Christian revealed earlier this month that they were expecting their first child together. "SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT TO SHARE THIS NEWS!" the Dancing With the Stars alum raved. "Baby we already adore you. What I've learned from you already - ❤️."

"God has still been creating. God is still believing in us. God is still bringing forth LIFE. Hope is still to come," she continued. "How we choose to live will affect your generation to come, so I want to live my life to the fullest and be loud for you. We are thankful to be carrying a miracle into the world! Baby, you are already loved and already believed in. Can’t wait to welcome you into the world with all the joy, hope, and excitement you will bring into the life of so many by your miraculous incredible life."

While speaking to ET just a few weeks before the announcement, Sadie couldn't help herself from gushing over her husband, calling him "the most affirming and encouraging person ever."

"There's a lot of beautiful things in the world. There's a lot of attractive things in the world, but I am captivated by God. I am captivated by faith. I am captivated by my family, by my husband," she said at the time. "Therefore I don't need to wander out in the world and do other things because I'm content with what I'm captivated by."

Hear more in the video below.