Ashley Graham says she's tried her own breast milk 'more than once'

Ashley Graham appeared in a virtual interview on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she participated in a parents-themed game of "Never Have I Ever" with Stephen "tWitch" Boss and his wife, Allison Holker.

When asked if anyone had tried their own breast milk more than once, Graham replied, "Yes, just try a little bit. Tastes good! Have you ever squirted it across the room?"

As for nursing her 9-month-old son, Isaac, Graham admitted that she's "definitely" fallen asleep while breastfeeding "a million times."

The model also added that her son's new teeth have been a problematic addition to feedings.

"He's got four teeth and he loves to use them when he's nursing," she said of her little guy. "I'm trying to teach him sign language so I'm like, 'No! No,no!'"

Getting super personal, Graham is asked if she's ever had sex with her husband, Justin Ervin, while her baby son's been in the room. "Yes, where else are you gonna do it?" she replied.

tWitch agreed, adding, "You gotta do it while they're young enough to not know what's going on."

For more with the incredibly candid model, check out the video, below.