Chris Wallace says he's 'jealous' that he couldn't be the moderator for 'substantive debate'


Following Thursday's second and final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace expressed how envious he was of moderator Kristen Welker, after he was challenged with moderating a much more wild debate three weeks prior.

Thursday night's debate was far more civil than the first debate in September, where Wallace struggled to rein in Trump, with many praising Welker for keeping the event calmer and less chaotic.

"Well, first of all, I'm jealous. I would've liked to have been able to moderate that debate and get a real exchange of views instead of hundreds of interruptions. I thought it was a good debate. A good, substantive debate. Two very competing visions for the country," said Wallace.

Wallace also shared his thoughts on both Trump and Biden's performances, as he stated, "I thought that Biden had many more specific plans, whether it came to how to handle COVID, whether it came to how to handle climate change, whether it came to how to handle health care. I thought the president's presentation — he was more fluid. There were clearly times when Joe Biden seemed to falter a little bit in making his point or finishing his sentence."

Wallace also believes that the questions during the debate played more to Biden's advantage. "It does seem to me that there were questions in which Biden could play offense and so the president was forced into defense. I was really struck by the emails, because the president obviously was going to bring it up, he did bring it up. I thought Biden was very successful in countering it by immediately throwing the president on defense about his China bank account, and then especially on his failure to turn over his tax returns during his four years, and the president got quite defensive about that," continued Wallace.

While Wallace had positive feedback for Trump, rephrasing the president talking about the many years Biden had in Washington, D.C., claiming that Biden was a "typical politician — all talk, no action," it seemed Wallace favored Biden's performance more.

"For Joe Biden, I thought his best exchange was when the president said, 'I'm the least racist person in this room,' and Joe Biden said, 'Abraham Lincoln over here is the most racist president we've ever had, and he's got a dog whistle as big as a fog horn.'"

However, ultimately, Wallace stated that it was a "good, substantive debate and both sides will have plenty to use from this debate and build on."

Fox News Democracy 2020 aired live Thursday night on The Fox News channel.

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