Watch Gwen Stefani turn her hit songs into country tunes

The "Hollaback Girl" is now a y'all-aback girl.

On Monday night's episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Gwen Stefani took part in a sketch where she performed country versions of some of her most well-known solo and No Doubt songs.

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Fallon opened the sketch by playing a character named Buck Pinto, sitting in a chair with a wig of long hair that flowed to his shoulders, cowboy hat, button-down shirt, jeans and boots while he hawked a new record called "Gwen's Gone Country."

"If you're like me, you love the sweet sounds of down-home country music," he said. "But if you're also like me, you love the rockin' music of multitalented superstar Gwen Stefani."

"Problem is, you got to choose one or the other. Well, not anymore, thanks to this new album, 'Gwen's Gone Country,'" he continued. "So, if you like your ska and pop by the way of the South, you're gonna love her new versions of songs like 'Just a Girl,' 'The Sweet Escape' and, of course, the classic 'Don't Speak.'"

Stefani then appeared on screen in a printed shirt and cowboy hat, strumming a guitar over fake nature backgrounds while she sang a sped-up country version of "Don't Speak."

Fallon's Pinto then reminded viewers of all the other songs in the collection, including "It's My Life," "Underneath It All" and "Spiderwebs," which Stefani performed as a country ballad.

"If I saw that on my caller ID, I'd pick right the hell up," Pinto said.

"You didn't think I'd holler at you, girl? That's right. You wouldn't do that 'cause you ain't no 'Hollaback Girl,'" he added, setting up Stefani's performance of "Hollaback Girl" with a country twang, an earworm that is so catchy it may drive you B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Where there's Stefani, you can often find her boyfriend, fellow "Voice" coach Blake Shelton. Sure enough, as the sketch drew to a close, Pinto spiced up the offer by letting viewers know if they order now, they'll also get a bonus album, "Blake Shelton: Big Ska Country," with the "God's Country" singer on the cover rocking a green mohawk and holding a trumpet.

"Order today. There's no doubt you'll love it," Pinto said, playing on the words of the band No Doubt.

So, yeah, order now. What you waiting for?