Kirstie Alley responds to critics after saying she'll vote for Trump again: 'Don't think I've ever seen so much name-calling in my life'


Jon Voight — who on Friday posted a video urging fans to vote for President Donald Trump over former Vice President Joe Biden, whom he dubbed “evil” — isn’t the only celebrity voicing support for the Republican leader.

On Saturday, actress Kirstie Alley took to Twitter to declare her intentions to vote, for a second time, for Trump “because he’s NOT a politician.”

Kirstie Alley has declared her support for President Donald Trump. (Photo:Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)
Kirstie Alley has declared her support for President Donald Trump. (Photo:Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

“He gets things done quickly and he will turn the economy around quickly,” the former Cheers star added.

Alley’s announcement caused quite a stir on social media, with fellow conservatives lauding her for speaking out and going against the so-called Hollywood grain. “Your bravery is appreciated,” tweeted Republican House candidate Kimberly Klacik in response.

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Conversely, her endorsement riled up Biden supporters, including Judd Apatow, who compared her unfavorably to Cheers predecessor Shelley Long, and Debra Messing, who retweeted a criticism of Alley’s longtime involvement in the Church of Scientology, calling both it and “Trumpism” cults. Bette Midler, who has previously butted heads online with the Look Who’s Talking and Veronica’s Closet star, also retweeted a comment mocking her political choice.

The 69-year-old Alley — who is no stranger to heated Twitter debates, having recently blasted new Oscars diversity rules — addressed the furore her pro-Trump tweet made in follow-up messages. In addition to responding to a few critics directly, she tweeted that she’s “never seen so much name-calling in my life.”

She referred to her critics as “what I’m going to suppose are really nasty people” and, in a separate tweet, wrote, “never encountered such horrible in my life.”

But she remained defiant, telling followers: “Stick to your guns. Not always easy to be under fire but always easier than going against your own integrity.”

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