Olivia Culpo and Patrick Starrr collabed for an epic YouTube makeup tutorial

Patrick Starrr, Olivia Culpo
Patrick Starrr, Olivia Culpo

Patrick, meet Olivia. Olivia, meet Patrick.

Patrick Starrr and Olivia Culpo have taken wildly different career paths — Starrr established himself on YouTube, while Culpo built her brand after winning Miss Universe — but they’ve both become figures that Gen-Z and Millennials look to for beauty advice on the internet.

All of which makes their collaboration with Crest Whitening Emulsions on a new YouTube makeup tutorial such a welcome project. In the 25-minute clip, the tables are turned as Culpo walks Starrr through every single step of her signature glowy and dewy look, and it couldn’t be more fun to watch the Sports Illustrated model leave one of YouTube’s biggest makeup moguls completely shook by some of her tips and tricks.

“When I saw this girl not lifting not one speck of powder, I was like, ‘When is the powder going to come, Ms. Olivia Culpo?'” Starrr said with a laugh during a recent interview with In The Know’s Gibson Johns. “It wasn’t until the very end in order to achieve that beautiful glowy look [that she used powder], and I was able to learn something new.”

“With what we do, there’s no degree or diploma of which we succeed,” he added. “So, if I can be progressive in my routine and learn and educate people that are wanting to execute a look similar to Olivia’s, I was more than happy to learn from her.”

The unprecedented behind-the-scenes peek at her daily makeup routine makes Culpo’s love for all things beauty undeniable. As she told us, it’s simply been a lifelong passion for her, much like any other hobby.

“I always say that makeup is like cooking. Like, if you love it, you’ll be good at it. It just takes that first love, and I’ve always loved makeup,” she told ITK. “I didn’t always have the confidence to follow through with my makeup, [though]. When I was doing Miss Universe, for example, I had someone else doing my makeup, and I look back on those photos, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my god, what was I thinking?’ And then now, I finally got the confidence to have fun and play with it. That’s kind of how I got my signature look.”

“I would say to anybody, it’s like, you just have to really look in the mirror and figure out, like, what do I want to play up, what do I want to play down, where maybe the spots that I want to highlight, what are the spots that I maybe need to cover,” she added. “Everybody is different, and that’s what’s so beautiful about makeup. It’s a fun, artistic out.”

While there were certainly surprises that Culpo threw Starrr’s way throughout the tutorial, there’s a lot that they saw eye-to-eye on, as well, which made working together behind-the-scenes that much easier.

“Patrick is the same way as me: At this point, we could both do our makeup literally with our eyes closed and without a mirror. So, I knew exactly what products we were going to use. I sent him a list. I would be willing to bet you probably had, like, 80% of those products because we both know the best of the best. You probably have every product. So it was really, really easy, and then we obviously were also working with Crest Whitening Emulsions. we both knew how to apply that beforehand, [because] we had been testing it out beforehand for weeks, and we realized, ‘Oh, my god, this works so well at whitening your smile!’ So we incorporated that, as well.”

For Starrr, who actually originally wanted to be a dentist, his work with Culpo comes with an important lesson: Not only to we all have more in common than first meets the eye, but the collab reminded him to never underestimate what he can accomplish in life.

“We are more alike than different, and as we are working virtually, we’re able to connect, celebrate our unique differences, and celebrate that we’re humans at the end of the day,” he said. “It starts with a smile. It starts with a hello. It starts with being kind. And that is the trend that’s going to be happening moving forward, that we have to [make a] promise to ourselves and to others that we have to operate through kindness, and that inclusivity is everything.”

“Never in a million years would I have thought a beauty, fashion mogul entrepreneur like Olivia Culpo, Miss freaking Universe, would even recognize someone like me,” Starrr added. “I remember I saw her at a fashion show in New York when I was — it was my first Fashion Week ever — and I was like, ‘Oh, my god, she’s right there next to Anna Wintour. So gorgeous. Never will I ever.’ And here we are in a world with someone like Crest celebrating two unique different beauties in the industry. I never thought that I would see myself with someone like Olivia, and also a major brand like Crest celebrating their Crest Whitening Emulsions. Growing up gay and Filipino, I never thought I would have been having partnered with such a big brand, and [for them to] just celebrate our smiles and our unique beauties is something really, really exciting to me.”

Listen to our full interview with Olivia Culpo and Patrick Starrr at the top of the page.

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