Pink's husband Carey Hart fires back at critics slamming her Biden-Harris T-shirt: 'Bye Karen'


Pink has never shied away from calling out President Donald Trump, so it’s little surprise that she’ll be casting her vote for former Vice President Joe and Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris. The pop star confirmed as much when she posted a selfie on Sunday which shows her wearing a Biden-Harris T-shirt, adding the hashtag #JesusMaryAndJosephICannotWaitToVote.

Carey Hart (pictured with Pink in 2017) fired back at critics who objected to her T-shirt supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. (Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)
Carey Hart (pictured with Pink in 2017) fired back at critics who objected to her T-shirt supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. (Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)

Plenty of fans agreed, but the show of support for the Democratic ticket rubbed others the wrong way. Many Trump-favoring commenters vowed to unfollow the singer on social media, and chastised her for talking politics. And while Pink has a history of responding to critics online, this time it was husband Carey Hart who fired back.

“Trump 2020!” read one comment. “Unfollowing... Stick to music and stay away from politics.. Bye Alicia [the singer’s real name is Alecia Moore].”

Hart’s response: “Bye Karen.

When another commenter charged that Democrats have “destroyed Black lives for decades” and warned that Biden would “take your husband’s guns,” Hart posted a lengthy rebuttal.

“I’’l try to keep this short,” the off-road truck racer wrote. “`Yes Biden has been in politics for 47 years. Reason I am voting for him is because I ‘hope’ he puts together a great team that will do positive things. And that is what most of Trump’s high-profile early [supporters were] planning for him to do. But his narcissism kicked in and away he went.

“Trump retweets white power s*** all the time. Called peaceful protesters animals, and called the racist pieces of s*** in Charlottesville ‘good people.’

“[The Second Amendment] is a constitutional right, and no two people (Biden and Beto) can take that away,” he added, referencing recent presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s calls for stronger gun control. “I for one think there needs to be stricter gun laws, ‘cause guess what? That won’t affect me because I’m a law-abiding citizen.

“Military? Cheeto said that military were losers, made a stink about visiting a military cemetery and called a senator POW survivor [the late Sen. John McCain] a ‘loser’ for getting captured. All while he dodged the draft due to shin splints {a bone spur]. If Trump loves the military vets so much, why has he done next to nothing for them in the last 3.5 years? I for one don’t want to defund the police. But there needs to be a radical recalibration of how they do things.

“Good on Trump if he did raise [salaries] for [minorities]. I must have missed that move, but good on him if he did. To wrap up, all those negatives for his one right doesn’t get my vote. I’m sure the next dig will be some ‘Creepy Joe’ b******t.” Tell you what, I’d rather Joe smell my daughter’s hair than Trump to grab her by the p****. One thing you should know about me: Time doesn’t heal all. And I remember all the f****d up and [divisive] things Trump has done. And that is why he won’t get my vote. Fact check anything I said.”

In another comment, Hart revealed that he identifies “more as a Republican, but their morals are b******t,” adding, “I can’t back a divisive narcissist.”

Pink, who shares two children with Hart, has not directly responded to any of the comments.

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