Charlize Theron reveals she hasn't dated anyone in 5 years: 'I don’t feel lonely'


Charlize Theron has a word of warning for all potential suitors: Come with “a lot of game” or don’t even bother.

The Oscar winner is very much single and that’s the way she likes it, revealing on Thursday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” that she hasn’t dated anyone seriously in five years.

“It is strange for people to, kind of, wrap their heads around it,” Theron told Barrymore, who said she’d also been on a dating hiatus. “I’ve been on a few dates, but I haven’t dated anybody for over five years.”

Theron’s life is understandably quite full without a romantic partner, as she’s raising two children, reigning as the blockbuster action queen, and, you know, just trying to make it through 2020 like the rest of us.

While the actor said she was “open” to the idea of dating someone in the future, she has some reservations, too.

“I feel like I’m in a place in my life where you’ve got to come with a lot of game, not the kind of game that we think of, the kind of game that’s like my life is really good so you better be able to bring that and maybe better because I just won’t accept anything less,” she said. “And my life with my children and with my incredible adopted family that I have around me I don’t long for that much.”

Barrymore agreed, adding that she too wants someone who will “be an addition [to] the equation and not a subtraction.”

Theron was most recently linked to Sean Penn before the two split for good in 2015. The star later clarified that they were never engaged despite reports at the time. She previously dated actor Stuart Townsend for nearly a decade after meeting on the set of their film “Trapped” in 2002.

Theron has since started a family of her own. She has two daughters, Jackson, 8, and August, 5, whom she adopted in 2012 and 2015, respectively. The actor recently gave a rare glimpse into her home life during a no-fuss virtual celebration for her 45th birthday.

“I can honestly say this on my life, I don’t feel lonely. Once I had my children, it’s not that it replaces something or makes you less interested in something else,” she said on the daytime talk show Thursday.

“I’m still firing on all cylinders. I think your priorities are in a place that is of high demand because it’s a lot of work to be a parent,” Theron said. “Part of that is at the end of the day I get in bed and I go I wouldn’t want this day to be anything different.”

And, hey, we don’t blame her after Theron shared her worst date ever story, telling Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year about a man who asked her to “make out with my nose.”

Earlier this year, Theron said that she doesn’t feel like’s “missing out on something in my life” by not dating.

“I really do believe that women really ... make shit happen for ourselves,” she said on E!’s “Daily Pop.” “And I think this idea of relationships, sometimes we approach ... or society approach them in the sense of like, ‘Obviously, that is something that you need and want.’ And that’s really not been the case for me.”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.