Wendy Williams says she spies on her neighbor while he showers

Wendy Williams is admitting she watches her New York City neighbors with binoculars from her own apartment. The 56-year-old talk show host appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday, and had no issue discussing her activity.

The conversation began when host Seth Meyers asked her about the rumors that one of the ways she passes the time at her apartment is by looking out her window at people with binoculars, to which Williams replied that she did. When asked about what she's seen, Williams noted that there was an apartment building across from her and that a man takes showers.

"And the shower is right there at the window," she says. "And I watch, but not ...."

Williams said the shower window went from head to ankle, to which a shocked Meyers noted, "That's still most of the good parts." Still, when Meyers joked that her activities may be "borderline criminal," Williams was unbothered.

"I peep and I tom," she said with a shrug.

Although when it comes to her own privacy, Williams is protective. She explained why unlike some talk show hosts, she did not like filming from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Her talk show will resume production in-studio on Sept. 21.

"Well, my thing is, I don't know how big your home is, and how much space you have, but I live in an apartment, you know?" she explains. "Not my fault, but I live in an apartment, and it was very personal to me, for people to see, you know, my area. And people criticized and couldn't understand my groove. And then we just stopped doing that because we were ramping up for new stuff, new season, new Wendy."

She also bluntly said she didn't miss a live audience due to her background in radio.

"And in radio you only have a microphone and you in a booth, until you don't," she explained, before looking around her set. "Like, this right here is something else to me. But I'm still only used to talking to me in my head and you looking at the camera, so it's not a big deal not to have an audience. I can't wait for my co-host to be back. But right now we are on total lockdown here at the show. Everyone, including me, we get three different tests every single day, and that's the way it goes and it's not just this building, it's the one across the street."

ET spoke with Williams in April, when she reiterated not liking filming from home.

"I feel like everybody deserves privacy and I give so much during my show, of myself, that the warm place that I've always been able to count on to be my own secret, little place is home," Williams said."[But] I was convinced by production that this is what we need to do. So I do my own hair, I do my own makeup, I put on my own outfits from, you know, my closet."

"I'm a recluse by nature so being in the house is not a big thing for me," she also said. "I'm surrounded by all my good stuff. And there's good food, got my cats… I spend a lot of time thinking about what new life is going to be like."

Meanwhile, Williams took time off from her talk show in May to deal with health concerns related to Graves' disease. Watch the video below to see how her battle with the disease has affected her life over the years.