Priyanka Chopra talks supporting women and philanthropic work: 'I’m a girl champion'

Priyanka Chopra is no stranger when it comes to taking on challenging and innovative roles.

The self-proclaimed “brunch girl” wears many different hats — and we’re not just talking about the ones she wears to the brunch table!

“The idea is to be able to add my style and flair to a brand which is already super-premium,” Chopra tells AOL of her new role as the first-ever Creative Advisor for BON V!V seltzer, her newest endeavor amid a quiet period of quarantine.

The role, which Chopra was set to start campaigning for earlier this year, halted when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“We were supposed to launch a campaign and then quarantine hit, COVID happened and we were talking about how there’s no way we want to launch a campaign at this point. So we had a conversation and decided to just give back the money that was set aside for the campaign.”

True to Chopra’s philanthropic nature, she launched the #TogetherWomenRise initiative alongside BON V!V, which shone a spotlight on 20 women “who are rising above everything” during the COVID-19 crisis.

The partnership donated $100K total to the women, something that came to fruition after Chopra and BON V!V decided where to reallocate the initial funds for Chopra's Creative Ambassador campaign.

“My heart was so full when they were so compliant to that idea. I just love the fact that [BON V!V] put their money where their mouth was — literally — and we did this campaign showcasing incredible women and gave to them because they gave back to society so much.”

But for those who are familiar with the star’s philanthropic work, this comes as no surprise.

“I’m a girl champion, I really believe in girl love,” Chopra proclaims.

Most recently, Chopra and husband Nick Jonas donated to relief efforts surrounding devastating floods and monsoons in the Indian states of Assam and Bihar.

Chopra is a firm believer in intention coupled with tangible action, something that assuredly looks different to everyone.

“You don’t have to have boots on the ground to be able to help people,” Chopra tells AOL of her charitable efforts. “I also don’t feel like you need to have millions of social media followers to do it … I think its really important to have compassion … there are so many people out there that just take their intention and turn it into action and you can do that sitting at home.”

Watch Chopra create her favorite BON V!V brunch cocktail below:

And while this time in quarantine has been difficult for so many, Chopra has remained steady by maintaining a “conscious” mindset of gratitude.

“I’m super blessed to be in the environment that I’m in,” she says. “I know it’s been a tough time for everyone but I think it’s very important to look internally and really try to help where we can in a time like this, especially if you have the ability to help .. what can I do to help and pull up places or people or societies that I have the privilege of being able to help? That’s something that consciously has been very important to me.”

Part of recognizing and acknowledging that privilege comes with the understanding that even having the ability to follow COVID-19 guidelines (such as social distancing and wearing PPE out and about) is a privilege in and of itself.

“We are privileged if we have the ability to social distance, if we have the ability to have a home and have friends and family that are healthy,” Chopra tells AOL. “There are so many people that have had businesses that have gone bankrupt, people that don’t have the ability to even social distance because they live in a slum or refugee camps or in improper societies.”

Chopra has a knack for finding the silver lining and glimmer of humanity in just about anything, even noting that this pause and time of rest and relaxation has allowed her to be the “most creative” person that she’s “ever been.”

“I actually have the time to sit down and work on my creative craft which is being a producer, developing stories that I want to tell” she shares. “Usually I’m so caught up with my schedule of traveling and filming and shooting in different countries. I used to be on 20-25 flights a month and I never really had the time to tap into my creative self.”

Among these creative pursuits includes finishing her first book, something that fans can look forward to diving into in the near future.

“It’s really helped me tap into the creative person that I am and I have to say that I don’t think that I would’ve ever had that time.”