Ashley Graham has been growing out her armpit hair in quarantine: 'My mom is fully disgusted'

Ashley Graham (Screenshot: Today with Jenna & Hoda)
Ashley Graham has been growing her armpit hair in quarrantine. (Screenshot: Today with Jenna & Hoda)

Ashley Graham has continued to be a gorgeous cover model amid quarantine, but — in her keepin’ it real style — she shares that her everyday routine has been less than glamorous.

The new mom has been staying in the basement of her mother’s Lincoln, Neb., home, where sweatpants are mandatory, bras are optional and armpit hair is growing wild and free, she said on Friday’s Today with Jenna & Hoda.

“It has been full-on sweatpants,” Graham said, lifting up her arm to the camera to put her pits on full display. “I'm lucky if I put a bra on in the morning. I haven’t shaved my armpits in I don't know how long. My mother is fully disgusted with that by the way, but it's just — things don't matter anymore.”

But the body-positive activist and Pretty Big Deal podcast host — who actually shaved her pits in a video last week for followers — is still hard at work, doing cover shoots at home, with help from her cinematographer husband, Justin Ervin.

But while she’s shown the glam side, she’s also being real. Not only opting not to airbrush her body to fake perfection but showing it in its beautiful, natural glory — like the pictorial in Elle that showed her breastfeeding Isaac.

And even highlighting what others may choose to hide, like stretch marks in a bikini pix that she put on social media.

“I just want women to know things will change,” she said, “and it’s most important to just continue to love yourself, and to do that for the next generation... I’m not just a role model for people who follow me. I’m a role model for [my son.]”

Graham has loved getting to bond with Isaac, born in January, during the pandemic, noting she “never would have been able to carve out” this time ordinarily with her busy schedule.

She loves being holed up with her guys in her mother and mother’s boyfriend’s home, describing it as “like a party every single day.”

While she grew up in the Cornhusker State, “I’ve never enjoyed Nebraska as much as I am now.” They’ve talked about making the move, done amid the pandemic, more permanent, revealing they’ve “been looking at properties.” She loves to have so much outdoor space and be able to drive, versus their city life in Brooklyn.

“You don’t get a bad day here” in summer, she said of Nebraska. “When winter comes, my mind might change a little bit,” but the allure of playing in the snow with Isaac also sounds tempting.

Friday marks Graham’s 10th wedding anniversary and in addition to cute his and hers tribute posts, they plan to celebrate with a sushi dinner. Yes, in sushi in Nebraska. Don’t judge.

“What do you do for 10 years?” she said of their milestone anniversary. “Then you throw a baby in the mix and I’m breastfeeding and you can’t really travel to a beautiful location on the other side of the world. So it’s like umm... We’ll probably go find some good sushi in Lincoln. I know it might sound sketchy but there is good sushi here.”

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