Angela Kinsey shares how her 'Office' character would handle the pandemic: 'I think they were ready for the lockdown'


Angela Kinsey is sure her character from "The Office" and her on-screen husband, Dwight Schrute, would be "doing just fine" during the pandemic.

"Let me tell you if anyone was prepared for a pandemic, it was Dwight," she told AOL while promoting her partnership with Staples’ "Thank A Teacher" initiative. "I feel sure he has a bunker out on Schrute farms. He was ready — he had barrels of water, he had whatever he thought they might need."

"Angela is probably happy because it means more time at home with just cats and probably, I would assume, they have a gaggle of children," she continued. "I think Dwight and Angela are happy. I think they were ready for the lockdown."

Kinsey, who is a mom to three children herself, has been navigating at-home learning and working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, just like much of the country. Partnering with Staples was a natural fit, especially because her sister, Janet, has been a teacher for almost 28 years.

"I have spent years and years watching [Janet] make such a huge difference to her students and the families and every single year she goes out of pocket to get things for her classroom and go the extra mile," she said.

Virtual learning has been "a juggling act for all of us, and now more than ever teachers need our support," Kinsey added.

While the "Office Ladies" host isn't a teacher herself, she found one special way to motivate her kids to get through the school day at home.

"After their last Zoom, I would make slushies. We all got to hang out on the porch with a slushie," the actress told AOL. "There's this closeness that I feel has happened in our family, closeness by forced proximity. There's some of that that has been a nice part of our day that I hadn't ever had before."

While it can sometimes be difficult working from home, ultimately, her kids are helping to keep her grounded during this uncertain time.

"Their resilience always inspires me when I'm feeling overwhelmed by it all. I look at them and see how they are just really trying to make the best of our at-home time and it helps me to stay motivated to do the same."


When she isn't wrapped up in family life, Kinsey has continued to co-host her podcast, "Office Ladies," from home with her fellow castmate, Jenna Fisher. The "Office" star is passionate about the podcast, which launched in October 2019 because she gets to work with her best friend and "its about a subject I love and adore."

"I get to relive this wonderful chapter of my life," she continued. "No one knows the show better than the 'Office' fandom. It has been really fun to watch the show as an audience with 'Office' fans."