A story all about how 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' is getting a reboot


You can say smell ya later to your “Fresh Prince” nostalgia.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is getting a gritty reboot from Will Smith, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and it’s all based on a viral fan-made reimagining.

The original ’90s series was a lighthearted sitcom about Smith’s character living with wealthy relatives in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. But in March 2019, fan Morgan Cooper flipped the story upside down. Cooper’s dark take on “The Fresh Prince” went viral and reportedly caught the attention of the original series star.

The new show, a dramatic take on the series, “has been in the works for more than a year,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Original producers Smith, Quincy Jones and Benny Medina all are returning, as well as creators Andy and Susan Borowitz. Cooper will co-write the script with Chris Collins, direct and be credited as an executive producer, according to the report.

There’s been talk for years about “The Fresh Prince” getting a reboot. One of Smith’s former co-stars Alfonso Ribeiro has been adamant that it wasn’t very likely.

In 2018, HuffPost even asked Smith’s son Jaden if he’d participate in a reboot. He told us at the time: “No one really wants to see that.”

Casting hasn’t been announced, and the series is currently being shopped around to streaming companies. But even if it’s in a behind-the-scenes role, it seems that Smith will once again wear the crown as the prince of Bel-Air.

For more of Smith’s thoughts about the concept, check out this video:

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