Hannity refutes Carlson's Bezos argument, then apologizes after awkward interaction

A slight misunderstanding as Tucker Carlson handed things over to Sean Hannity Tuesday night made for an awkward moment that only one of them even realized was happening.

Carlson wrapped up Tucker Carlson Tonight by slamming Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, whose net worth reportedly grew by $13 billion on Monday as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the country. Carlson also falsely implied that Democrats are staying quiet and allowing Bezos’s wealth to grow exponentially as others in this country suffer because they are somehow benefitting from it. Several Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have shown themselves to be anything but friendly to Bezos.

“Jeff Bezos, just yesterday, made $13 billion,” Carlson said. “Now, twenty years ago if that had happened, if a captain of industry had made $13 billion in a single day, while the country got poorer, the Democratic Party would have had something to say about it. Not anymore because the people getting rich are members of the Democratic party.”

The typically jovial interaction as they transitioned to Hannity took a turn, at least for Carlson, when Hannity seemed to argue against Carlson’s point.

“And now Sean Hannity takes over from New York,” Carlson said with a smile. “Alright, Tucker,” Hannity responded. “People can make money. They provide goods and services people want, need and desire. That’s America. It’s called freedom, capitalism, and as long as it’s honest, right? People decide. Alright, Tucker, great show.”

Carlson’s face as Hannity was speaking said it all. He appeared utterly baffled and perturbed by what Hannity was saying. Hannity, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice.

It wasn’t until after the exchange when The Daily Caller, an online publication co-founded by Carlson from which he only recently divested, tweeted that Hannity had refuted Carlson.

Hannity responded in a series of tweets admitting that he’d only caught a portion of the end of Carlson’s show, backtracked his argument and apologized for the misunderstanding. Hannity also stated that he was just trying to lend added support to a point Carlson had made in support of capitalism and free enterprise.

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