Late-night hosts reveal most ‘chilling’ moment from Trump’s Fox News interview


President Donald Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News quickly turned into fodder for the late-night hosts ― and one moment stood out to all of them.

Trump boasted of passing a “very hard” cognitive test, but Wallace said he took the test himself when Trump first announced that he had passed it.

“It’s not the hardest test,” Wallace said. “They have a picture and it says ‘what’s that’ and it’s an elephant.”

The late-night hosts each offered a take on that exchange.

“Passing a cognitive test is not impressive,” Stephen Colbert of “The Late Show” noted. “It checks for things like brain damage, asking real stumpers like ‘name these three animals.’”

He added:

“It’s chilling to see the most powerful man in the world bragging that he passed a test that they give to people to find out whether they should be allowed to take the bus by themselves.”

See his full monologue below:

Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” likewise wasn’t impressed with Trump’s ability to identify on elephant on the test.

“If they wanted to test Trump, they shouldn’t have asked him to identify an elephant,” he said. “They should’ve asked him to identify his second daughter. That would’ve been impressive.”

But he did admit there’s a time it could come in handy:

Jimmy Fallon of “The Tonight Show” cracked that at least the country would be in great shape if faced with an elephant pandemic. And Seth Meyers of “Late Night” said he’s not sure what’s more alarming: “that Trump even had to take this test in the first place, or how proud he is with how he did.”

He said there was one question on the test that he’d pay to see Trump try to answer ― then did an impression of Trump taking a stab at it.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.