Prince Harry shares one thing he's been missing from England after moving to L.A.

Prince Harry is missing a little piece of home. The Duke of Sussex, along with wife Meghan Markle and son Archie, are quarantined in Los Angeles, but the 35-year-old royal is feeling a bit nostalgic after moving to the States.

"We all miss rugby," Harry said in a video posted on England Rugby's Instagram this week. The father of one is a longtime rugby fan and serves as the Honorary President of England Rugby. The sport was shut down in the U.K. in mid-March amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Harry also expressed that while many events were forced to shut down, "it hasn't taken away our spirit."

Prior to stepping down from the royal family, Harry went to Yokohama, Japan, in November to watch England play in the World Cup Final against South Africa.

Meanwhile, amid lockdown, Harry and Meghan are still finding ways to be involved and give back to their new community. This week, the couple volunteered at Homeboy Industries, a community social justice organization working to improve the lives of formerly incarcerated and previously gang-involved people in L.A.

"Some people might wonder why Harry is getting so involved with something like Homeboy [Industries], which is such a L.A.-based, centric initiative," royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET this week. "But it is a charity. It is an organization for those who are marginalized by society, those who have no hope, those who society simply want to dismiss."

"And I think in that sense, we are seeing Harry do exactly the sort of work that his mother, Diana, did," Nicholl added. "She was there for those that society just wanted to reject and ignore, and in that respect, I think Harry and Meghan are really keeping Diana’s memory and her work very much alive in what they are doing today."

Nicholl also shared that "what we’re seeing with Harry and Meghan is them laying down their roots" in Los Angeles with their volunteer work.

"Finding out the organizations and charities they want to work with, signing up with the Harry Walker Agency is a big sign that we’re going to see and hear more from them," she noted. "I'm not convinced we'll see them sit down and do a big television interview. If we do again, I think it will be to put the spotlight on something important to them, such as the Black Lives Matter campaign. It's not going to be to sit down and spill the beans about life in the royal family."

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