Jenna Bush Hager shares some of her favorite childhood family photos


Jenna Bush Hager gave viewers a glimpse of her childhood Thursday by showing off some of her favorite pictures of her with her twin sister, Barbara, and their parents.

Jenna and her fourth hour co-host, Hoda Kotb, were discussing new pictures of Prince William playing outside with his kids when Jenna shared a pair of vintage photos of her and her sister as kids.

Laura Bush holds daughters Jenna and Barbara
Laura Bush holds daughters Jenna and Barbara

The first photo featured mom Laura Bush holding each of her daughters as babies over each shoulder.

Jenna said it's one of her "favorite pictures."

"Even though my dad isn't in it, he's the one that took it," she said. "And I just knew how much my mom wanted a baby and babies — one for each of them to hold."

She also shared another photo with each of her parents holding one child.

"Oh, my gosh, I can't handle what I'm seeing," Hoda cooed. "I've never seen these!"

"That's just us on our back porch in Midland, Texas," Jenna said.

Jenna then hit the fast-forward button by sharing some pictures of her with husband Henry and their three children, Mila, Poppy and Hal.

Hoda Kotb with fiance Joel Schiffman and their children, Haley and Hope
Hoda Kotb with fiance Joel Schiffman and their children, Haley and Hope

Hoda got into the spirit of things, too, with a picture of her with fiancé Joel Schiffman and their two daughters, Haley and Hope.

"I love that one. Joel's getting the stiff arm from Hope," she said about a picture where Hope has her hand on his face while Hoda holds Haley.

Hoda waxed nostalgic about how we thought of pictures in the past compared to how we feel about them now in an age when we have so many shots in our phones.

"We were talking about the pictures that we had framed in our house when we were kids, and you had so few. You had a handful of pictures, and you never forgot them. Now, we have 10,000 pictures on your phone.

"It's almost like when there's too much of something, they're less special, and when there's just one in a frame that you …" she said before getting cut off when an old photo of her, her mother, her brother, her grandfather and her sister flashed on the screen.

Hoda Kotb and her family
Hoda Kotb and her family

Hoda said she has that picture framed in her house, noting it's the rarity of it that makes it so important.

"Imagine if we had 50 pictures from that era. You would lose track of all of them," she said.

Jenna agreed. "I can think of those 10 pictures of me with my parents and my sister. I can even think of the ones of my mom with her parents from Midland, Texas, and when you see a new one, you're like, 'Oh, my gosh!'"

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