Meghan McCain claims neighborhood is 'war zone' and gets owned by neighbor

Meghan McCain claims neighborhood is 'war zone' and gets owned by neighbor

Meghan McCain called her Manhattan neighborhood “eviscerated” and a “war zone” on Tuesday ― and ended up getting owned by her neighbor in the process.

It happened after the “View” co-host posted a tweet highly critical of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for how they’ve responded to ongoing protests against police brutality.

But McCain got pushback for the tweet from her self-identified neighbor Kristin Bartlett, a writer for the TBS series “Full Frontal.”

“We live in the same building, and I just walked outside. It’s fine,” said Bartlett.

Amid the ongoing protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd, there has been property damage and stealing in some parts of New York (and other cities). McCain did not name her neighborhood.

Bartlett’s quick response inspired the type of fervor on Twitter that hasn’t been seen since, well, various “Glee” cast members called out Lea Michele for making the production of that show “a living hell.” (For those keeping score, that was Monday night.)

Many people appreciated Bartlett for calling out McCain’s hyperbolic tweet.

Others gave credit ― sarcastic, of course ― to McCain.

One person tried to put herself in McCain’s shoes.

Others just enjoyed the clapback.

But one tweet may have put things in proper perspective.

McCain hadn’t publicly responded to Bartlett’s tweet as of mid-Tuesday.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.