'America's Got Talent' goes Gaga for Roberta Battaglia's 'Shallow'


No amount of tears or stage fright could hide this 10-year-old’s pure voice on “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday.

After a nerve-wracking moment when Roberta Battaglia finally took a drink of water from host Terry Crews, the Toronto resident sang her heart out on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s hit song “Shallow.”

Her talent emerged immediately and gained steam as she nailed the high notes.

Tears poured out again after the performance, but Battaglia had already proven herself.

The girl mentioned that she has been bullied.

New judge Sofia Vergara offered the perfect reaction.

“Let’s see who’s going to bully you after this,” the ex-“Modern Family” star said as she pushed the Golden Buzzer to vault Battaglia directly into the live rounds.

“I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry ― it was an amazing moment,” Battaglia told “Entertainment Tonight Canada.”

Welcome to the big time, kid.

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