John Legend's FaceTime call with Ryan Tedder for 'The Voice' took an unexpected turn: 'How about we do a swap?'

Ahead of the season 13 finale of "The Voice," judge John Legend had an unaired FaceTime call with Ryan Tedder, who appeared on the penultimate episode of the NBC singing competition as a guest mentor.

During a recent interview with In The Know's Gibson Johns, the OneRepublic frontman recalled the video call, which ultimately devolved from talking about an original song by Legend's contestant, CammWess into the two Grammy winners planning an exchange of their own beverage brands.

"I was on FaceTime yesterday with John Legend, and I'm with John and I notice that he's drinking a glass of wine, which I knew was probably [from] his [own brand]," Tedder laughed. "I go, 'John, I'm sitting here, I'm only three minutes from where you live, and I don't have any of that wine. Where's the wine?'"

Legend founded his own wine label, LVE Wines, back in 2015 in collaboration with Napa Valley-based winemaker, Jean-Charles Boisset.

"He goes, 'OK, you know what? You're right. I'm going to send you a box. Give me your address,'" Tedder went on. "I said, 'How about we do a swap? I'm going to send you some of my CBD sparkling water, Mad Tasty, and you send me the wine.'"

Tedder launched his CBD brand last year, making a splash during Interscope's Coachella party with his unveiling. The singer-songwriter's Mad Tasty has since expanded to include three flavors, the most recent of which is the mysterious Unicorn Tears.

"He's like, 'Oh, man. I need some of that CBD. Give me that. Give me some boxes of Mad Tasty,'" he finished his story.

For Tedder, this little drink exchange with John Legend over FaceTime is the perfect anecdote for his ultimate goal of using his various projects to promote one another, having them bleed into one another to create a symbiosis of sorts that benefits both sides of the equation.

"When you're jumping around in different verticals, you kind of always find ways to cross pollinate things and to make one thing work in a different ecosystem and vice versa," he explained to ITK. "I don't walk around just trying to think who can I pitch on it. I try to let it be natural and organic. But, when you bounce around a lot, if I was just doing beverage and just doing Mad Tasty, the irony is, yes, it would get probably more [time to devote to] this, but the opportunities would be less. I would not be interacting with all these different people."

Listen to our full interview with Ryan Tedder below and check out Mad Tasty here.

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