Madison Beer angers fans by saying that it's 'unfair' that she's considered the beauty standard: 'Innocent people are dying'


Singer Madison Beer is under fire after she went on Instagram Live and complained about being “the beauty standard” in response to fans claiming that she inadvertently promoted disordered eating.

“It’s really unfair that, like, I’m being told that I set an unrealistic beauty standard,” Madison said during an Instagram Live session. “Like, who the f*** made me the beauty standard? Why do I have to be the beauty standard? I don’t want to be the beauty standard. I’m not perfect.”

Oddly enough, Madison then proceeds to back away from the camera to show off her bikini-clad body so people can see that it’s not Photoshopped.

“Bitch, is this Photoshopped?” she asked viewers as she showed off her toned stomach. “Am I Photoshopping this? … This is, like, my body, I don’t understand why it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s making people have eating disorders.’ ‘Cause I look the way I do?”

Given Madison’s strange (and in many people’s eyes, inappropriate) response to her fans’ complaints, people were vocal about how upset they were with how she handled things.

“Hey, Madison Beer there are people dying. i promise you, no one cares that you’re struggling with being called beautiful,” one person said.

“I get where madison beer was coming from about the eating disorder thing but she came off as shallow when she said ‘i don’t wanna b the beauty standard guys i’m not perfect’ and then showed her obviously perfect body in a bikini a second later,” another user noted.

Many people were upset with Madison for using her platform to talk about how “pretty” she is instead of talking about the issues going on in the world — namely, how an unarmed Black man was just killed by the Minneapolis police.

“We get it madison beer you’re pretty and everyone wants to be you boo hoo that must suck but you know what else sucks? the fact that innocent people are dying and you’re complaining about how pretty you are instead of using your platform to speak up and educate people,” one person said.

“Can madison beer literally shut up,” another user wrote. “There’s people dying in the world and she’s talking about how she doesn’t want to be the beauty standard.”

In response to the criticism regarding her video, Madison took to Twitter to issue an apology and an explanation.

“I just want to briefly address this bc this is upsetting & untrue,” Madison wrote. “Me addressing rumors & hate when i did was poor timing & i apologize. i saw a video of someone claiming i give people eating disorders which triggered and upset me a lot – bc that is not something i take lightly.”

“I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement over ANYTHING and THATS whats important right now and all i want to talk about,” she continued. “And i will not fucking stop until justice is served for all the lives we’ve so unjustifly and unfairly lost.”

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