LadyGang co-hosts tackle ‘difficult’ topics in their revealing new book: 'We wouldn’t open up like that normally'


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The co-hosts of the popular “LadyGang” podcast are about to give listeners of their long-running podcast a deeper look into who they are with their debut book, “Act Like A Lady.”

While Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek have thrived on their willingness to be unfiltered and unapologetic about countless topics since starting their podcast five years ago, as they told In The Know’s Gibson Johns in a new interview, their hope was to tackle more emotional, vulnerable and, arguably, important subject matter in the form of the collection of essays, which is due out via Rodale Books on June 2.

“We had this idea, even when we were just taking meetings about the book, that we would each write essays, and that there would be one collective LadyGang voice,” Knight explained. “What we did with the book is we essentially sat in our podcast studio and recorded our various thoughts, advice, musings on different things you should do in your life about how to be in a bridal party, about how to get a raise, all these things.”

“Sitting down to write the book, we had to really think about what could be different in the book and the essays than you get on the podcast,” she added. “And that, I think, was the hardest part.”

Tobin elaborated on the difference between what fans expect from them on the podcast and what they can expect to read in “Act Like A Lady.”

“We are very much kind of caricatures and a little one-dimensional on the podcast, because we all have our thing, and we don’t want to be like the Debbie Downer and get too down in the dumps,” she shared. “But I definitely opened up and was more vulnerable in the book. And Keltie, the same. […] I was talking today about Jac’s essays about her body image stuff. We don’t talk a lot about that on the podcast, because she doesn’t want to seem like, ‘Oh, poor me.’ So her getting in there and being like, ‘You know, I don’t always love myself, and I’ve struggled for many, many years in learning how to do that.’ It’s like, we wouldn’t open up like that normally on the podcast.”

Vanek agreed with Tobin’s assessment, adding that she felt that now was the time for her to force herself to truly open up, despite being “terrified” to do so.

“It’s kind of like these embarrassing, humiliating things that we’re really open about, but when it comes to being really vulnerable, I think that all three of us have problems doing that on the podcast,” she told ITK. “I get terrified and totally just go mute any time that there’s an opportunity to be vulnerable on the podcast, so for the book, it was just a way that we could all just sit down with our thoughts and really be honest with ourselves in that kind of hard, difficult conversation.”

Listen to our full interview with the “LadyGang” co-hosts below, and pre-order their book, “Act Like A Lady,” here.

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