Gary Busey says he died during brain surgery and then came back


Gary Busey's near-death experience changed his views on life. In an interview with The Guardian, the 75-year-old actor recounts his 1988 motorcycle crash after which, he says, he died and came back to life.

"I had an accident on a Harley-Davidson. I went off the bike without a helmet, hit my head into a curb, split my skull, passed away after brain surgery and went to the other side -- the spiritual realm where I got information," he says. "And I came back, and these messages, these definitions, came to me first class. I’ll think of a word and write the word down without thinking."

Examples of these words include "faith," which he says stands for "Fantastic, Adventurous in Trusting Him" and "hope," which, to him, means "Heavenly Offerings Prevail Eternally."

As for what the other side was like, Busey says he was "surrounded by angels" with "balls of light floating all around me."

"I felt trust, love, protection and happiness like you cannot feel on Earth. It’s the feeling the angels live in," he says. "Three angels came up to me... I was a quarter of an inch wide and one foot long. That is your soul, and your soul is housed in the column of your spine."

"Three balls of light came up to me and talked to me," Busey continues. "The one on the left talked to me in an androgynous voice and said the direction I was going in was good, but because of my responsibility to mankind I had to look for helping spirits around."

Busey says that a light offered him the choice to come with it or return to his body to continue his destiny. He went with the latter.

"Every time he spoke, I felt so loved, like a little baby in the arms of his brother, so when you hear the truth over there you do it. And the word truth stands for Taking Real Understanding To Heart. That is the truth of your essence and your soul," he says. "The truth told me I wasn’t finished over here on Earth. When you feel the truth, BOOM! You go for it. The truth is the strongest ordnance you have in your body, your mind, your soul and your being."

According to Busey, the accident and resulting brain surgery didn't leave him with brain damage, rather he has "a brain disordered in a better direction because of how it happened and how it recovered."

Because of this, Busey says he doesn't wish the accident hadn't happened. "It was part of my journey, my growing up, my understanding," he says.

Even after the accident, surgery and a drug overdose a couple of years later, Busey, who's currently starring in a new Amazon Prime series, Gary Busey Pet Judge, says the fact that he's still alive isn't a surprise to him.

"You never die. Death stands for Don’t Expect a Tragedy Here," he says. "It is one transformation from one dimension to another and it is painless, free and lovely. I’ve experienced it, so I can say that."


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