People are freaking out over a 'deleted' scene from 'Spy Kids': 'Never existed'

Amid quarantine, ’90s kids have had plenty of time to rewatch some of their childhood favorites. However, what many people are quickly realizing is that the movies they fell in love with as a kid are not the same movies available to stream today.

Not too long ago, an eagle-eyed TikTok user pointed out that “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” featured a previously unseen scene. And now, TikTok user Norah Cavallin is blowing people’s minds with her discovery of a similar “Mandela Effect” scene in “Spy Kids.”

So the way that I remember it from a kid is they drop out of the plane that’s about to crash and then they put on the regulators to breathe underwater. Then Carmen goes, ‘The water’s warmer in here.’ And then Juni says, ‘Oh, sorry. I peed,'” Cavallin explains.

However, that’s not the scene that unfolds in the “Spy Kids” playing on Cavallin’s TV.

In that scene, Carmen and Juni jump out of the plane like they’re supposed to — but instead of uttering the line about warm water and pee, they swim over to a cave of sleeping sharks. What?!

“Where did that shark scene come from?” Cavallin asks. “Those sharks have never been there.”

Cavallin isn’t the only one who remembers the peeing scene. In the comments, people expressed their similar disbelief over this new shark scene.

“That shark scene must be a deleted scene or something cuz juni definitely peed,” one person said.

“Ummmm im 26 & no there was no shark scene in my Spy Kids. Nope nope nope,” another user added.

“The shark scene never existed, I have watched that movie hundreds of times, even if it was an extended scene it wasn’t on the VHS,” a third person wrote.

According to one user, the shark scene might be Disney Plus’ way of making the film “more PG.”


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