Meghan Markle recreates the place she and Prince Harry fell in love for second wedding anniversary

Meghan Markle made sure her and Prince Harry's second wedding anniversary was one to remember.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrated two years of wedded bliss on May 19, but even in quarantine, they made the best of it. For the special day, Meghan reportedly recreated their trip to Botswana, the place they went when they first started dating and fell in love in 2016. According to People, Meghan set up a tent, sleeping bags and cooked dinner in their backyard. The two are currently in Los Angeles after moving there from Canada, after stepping down as senior members of the royal family.

Additionally, Harper's Bazaar also reports that the lovebirds spent the day Zoom-calling close friends and family throughout the day, as well as exchanging "cotton-based gifts per tradition."

Meanwhile, Africa is a special place for the two, as Harry shared during their engagement interview that they headed there after they had two dates in London.

"And then it was I think about three, maybe four weeks later that I managed to persuade her to come and join me in Botswana," Harry detailed during the sit-down. "And we camped out with each other under the stars. She came and joined me for five days out there, which was absolutely fantastic."

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET earlier this week, that their anniversary celebration would be low-key given the times. They would also be using the time to reflect as they quarantine together.

"One of the things I was told by a friend of the couple's is that they actually are enjoying the slightly slower pace," Nicholl shared. "They are busy and they are doing quite a lot behind the scenes, but you know, this is a couple that tends to operate 100 miles per hour. I think they're enjoying the lockdown and the fact that they've been able to take a bit of a breather. It's been a very, very busy year for them, and I think this is a moment to just take a breath, reflect, and I think that's what they'll be doing on their anniversary."

Meghan and Harry have stayed busy in L.A., where they've continued to support the charities that are important to them, as well as volunteering to personally deliver meals amid the global health emergency. See more on the royal couple, below.


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