J.Lo 'heartbroken' after she and A-Rod forced to put wedding on hold

Jennifer Lopez has looked forward to exchanging vows with partner Alex Rodriguez ever since he got down on one knee on a sandy beach and proposed to her one year ago.

Of course, a lot of things have changed since then — not between the pair who've been busy planning their nuptials, but with the world as a whole, where big gatherings are a thing of the past and the coronavirus lockdown doesn't take a break for love.

The 50-year-old superstar paid a video visit to TODAY Tuesday and opened up about having to put the happy occasion on hold. And when TODAY co-anchor Hoda Kotb asked about the current wedding forecast, Lopez simply said, "Nobody knows."

"Nobody knows because, really, there's no planning right now," she explained. "You just have to kind of wait and see how this all plays out, and it's disappointing on one level. You know, after the Super Bowl and after 'World of Dance,' after we finished filming it, I planned to take time off.

"Which is what we're doing kind of right now, but at the same time, you know, we had a lot of plans for this summer and this year. But everything's kind of on hold right now."

It's a situation Hoda truly understands, as she and fiance Joel Schiffman are in that same holding pattern.

"Joel and I were actually talking about the same kind of things," Hoda noted. "We're not sure what's going to happen with our date."

It's a predicament couples across the globe are facing, and it can be a painful one considering the sudden uncertainty surrounding such a significant life event.

"I'm a little heartbroken because we did have some great plans," J.Lo confessed.

But she's not allowing that disappointment to dominate her perspective.

"I'm also like, 'You know what? God has a bigger plan,'" she said. "So we just have to wait and see. Maybe it's going to be better. I have to believe that it will be."

And while she may have to wait longer than she imagined to take her first twirl with A-Rod as husband and wife, she's ready to dance now — and to remind everyone else to do the same.

"It's time to dance again," she continued. "You know, when I wrote the song 'Dance Again,' I had just gotten a divorce, and I needed something to bring me back. That song signified that for me because it was a traumatic time for me."

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And she feels there's no better time to get back in the groove than Tuesday night when her competitive dance series, "World of Dance," returns to NBC for a new season.

"I feel like all of us are going through a certain kind of anxiety-ridden time, and this show, you know, I love dance — everybody loves to dance," she said. "It's like, 'OK, we've got to get up. We've got to start dancing again,' and that's what this show is about."

Season four of "World of Dance" kicks off at 10 p.m. EST.